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Orbital Decay

2009-04-06 20:23:40 by Karg

If you've enjoyed Orbital Decay, here's the news :) An add-on with an alternate story mode, additional enemies and weapons will probably be ready at the end of the summer. Then, if things will go "the right way", a prequel is planned, that will be more (real-time) strategy and less action and will depict the battles of the Radiant Star with Thaals, the terran enemies. Then, in a distant future, a sequel, where the World Destroyer is found and driven into crazy battles.

And, of course, your suggestions are welcomed. And taken into account. And used and abused :)


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2009-04-07 02:18:57

I put a bunch of suggestions in my review. Please make sure you take note of them.

If in the sequel you include the ability to actually move your ship yourself I think that would be really good.


2009-04-07 11:15:15

That's great to hear! :3 I really enjoyed playing it, it's a shame it didn't win a single award. One of the best games on NG IMO :D


2009-04-07 16:35:00

I don't think I've ever commented on a person's News Entry, but I thoroughly enjoyed your game (despite being mildly frustrated at not being able to beat hard :p). Please do continue working, also I didn't really realize there was a story in Orbital Decay, the text at the bottom does tend to come and go really quickly. Slowing it down by a few seconds would be ideal.

Please continue working I can't wait to see the add-on/prequel/sequel


2009-04-16 06:21:12

Enjoy it? I absolutely LOVE this game! It certainly brought back memories of games of old... those eternal games of the 8 and 16 bit era.

Now you've given me a reason to wait for the End of Summer (man, isn't that a hentai movie title?) in order to check out the add-on! And I certainly love strategy games! You really are THE man!

Almost forgot... another suggestion. For the sequel section: instead of fully upgrading the weapons, how about a 'research' option to open up new kind of weapons? For example, upgrade the power core for better performance of the main gun, then research better lasers, and obtain either particle guns or plasma turrets. Or research better fighter tech with repair drone tech to obtain salvage drones to gather resources from defeated enemies.

Again, thanks for an enjoyable gaming experience, and godspeed in all your projects. Keep 'em coming!!!


2009-08-10 13:25:37


In homeworld, the weapons have clear advantages and disadvantages. I'd recommend doing the same with your turrets. Have flak (double damage vs fighters) missile (double damage vs capital ships) and ion lasers (long ranged, accurate, middle damage) or something, with a basic AI to help them target the right sorta ship. Play around with it so that for the same amount of money, at different stages, each one is substantially superior to every other one with it's preferred target. The old game was terribly unbalanced in regards to lasers.

Give a few AI options for the fighters. You said you didn't want to make it a micromanagement game, but as it is, as shown by the video you showed us of the guy doing hard, they merely weaken you by scattering the enemy, and making the foes harder to hit. You could add in a *scatter* AI command, where they try to draw enemies in range for your shots, by leading them across the bottom or the front of the ship, and where they hang back. This way, they would actually be useful.

It would also be nice to see the ship visibly damaged as it gets hit. Getting more and more tattered as its armour got broken.

I'd recommend you make the speed upgrades for the main turret automatic. It is, currently, far too slow, and at harder difficulties, too expensive to upgrade.

As someone else suggested, the odd multi sided attack from many enemies would be cool.

Currently, health for turrets is pointless for all but the three at the front, as they never get hit.

Continue writing excellent storylines.

And I hope you have lots more quirky enemies.

Karg responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write the feedback, there are lots of valid points that could make it into the #2.


2009-11-15 01:55:39

OMFG mi cant believe this is the creater of this freakiing awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i played this game on all modes(cant beat hard its to hardXD)and beat the other 2:D
i love the way on how there can be like9 fighters and their scattering around like this is a real battleXD
but im just asking:P....can you make it so instead of going left en right you can also aim up and down?
it gets to hard to hit the enemis whewn they go up/down and also the arrows make it harder to ell where they are:P
its like when i see a arrow at 1 spot the ship comes out of the same area but not in exact spot the arrow was:P
and shouldnt the ultra cannon have more attack then the fighters?
its like they have like half the damage of the cannon:P
but i gotta admit i spent almost a entire day playing this game=D
god on every website i could fin this game on i wrote whens numba 2 gonna be outXD
fo the love of god man please tell me the exact date becuase if you do i promise ya im gonna get meself snacks and a drink and wait that day until the game is inserted into newgrounds for playing:D
i am begging you to please tell me this game is so wicked!!!!!
oh and is there any way of adding ship classes?
and weakness points?
and add turrets on the different ship classes?
and make smaller versions of the main ship but smaller:P
god it was so wickedXD
but what was point o the "main"ship at the end it was much weaker then the actual ship:P
but i gotta admit this is probaly the best game i have ever played on this cpu thats on webistes:D!!!!!
i played good cd games this may not match up to cd games but this game beats other webiste gamesXD
oh man i cant wait cant wat cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait my hands are hurtingXd cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wai cant wait k im oneXD
so please for god sakes please make the game wicked awesome and please add some ideas as in the diffrent ship making and turret on them and blah blah please for god sakes dont give up on anything like this and please use anytime you can on this this gme is the most wicked of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D have a good day and good game makingXP


2009-11-15 14:11:30

and is there any way to make them talk less faster?
te instant they po u om the start talking and2secs later new talk its to fast:P
well some oints arent to fast but the short onesare
and my firt comment i was hyper after the gameXD


2010-06-19 00:55:03

Its a great game. Not too many complaints that haven't been mentioned already.

The main thing that bugged me though was the fact that I'd be fighting two or more ships when i reach a checkpoint, and then die, and then when i restart from the checkpoint, no ships which means no money. Though i probably would have died had the ships stayed but it made it harder to upgrade sometimes.

As for suggestions, I'm not sure, you're probably almost finished with part 2 (hopefully lol). But maybe if you could add drones that heal your fighters, and also different fighter classes.

I'll comment again if i think of anything else that could be a good idea.

Thanks for the great game.


2014-10-18 16:12:21

Seems like this never happened..... its old, its inactive... this account.... damm i would had loved the follower....